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I was invited to New York recently to hear Ndaba Mandela speak. He’s the grandson of the great Nelson Mandela And is doing his best to honor his grandfather’s great legacy. The event was hosted by the private Bank of JPMorgan Chase. It was a very small and intimate gathering which afforded us an opportunity to interact directly with mister Mandela. He is a passionate young man who takes his leadership role seriously. His country, The Republic of South Africa, still suffers from the mini ravages of apartheid.

Mister Mandela was in America raising awareness of his project Africa Rising. He spoke of major initiatives that he and his group of volunteers are hoping to accomplish. Most compelling is his attempt to fund the purchase of enough HIV test kits to distribute among the many sufferers of aids in South Africa. Currently there are more than 20,000,000 afflicted and the disease threatens to ravage the future of his country. While the funding is relatively insignificant the cultural chains necessary to really make a difference is where the work really is.

Hopefully the generosity of America and An and Americans will allow Mister Mandela to raise the money that he needs. After all, we are the most generous country on earth. But the real work of cultural change, education, and adaptation will be a challenge. For all of our sake I hope he succeeds.

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