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About Randy A. Fox,  CFP®, AEP® 

As a third-generation entrepreneur, is the founder of Two Hawks Consulting, LLC. He is a nationally known wealth strategist, philanthropic estate planner, educator and speaker. He has dedicated his career to helping individuals, professional advisors, charitable institutions and planned giving organizations “do well while doing good.” He is also the co-founder of EzCharitable, LLC, an online training resource for professional advisors who wish to expand their capabilities in philanthropic giving. Randy has authored hundreds of articles and presentations for attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs and HNW families. He is currently the Editor in Chief of Planned Giving Design Center, a national newsletter and website for philanthropic advisors. Randy has recently been named the Distinguished

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Co-Honorary Chair 2017 Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Awareness Movement by the Financial Awareness Foundation. In 2015 Randy was awarded the Fithian Leadership Award by the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy Earlier, Randy was a founding principal of InKnowVision, LLC, a national consulting and marketing firm that developed estate and wealth transfer designs for clients of exceptional wealth.During Randy’s tenure, more than 300 families were served and more than $1 Billion + was directed to philanthropic purposes. He served as director and faculty member of the InKnowVision Institute, which provided professional advisors with the advanced technical and interpersonal tools required to attract and work successfully with high net worth clients.

My Unique Ability

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into who you are working with? I've gone through comprehensive personality testing to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses. If I've learned anything over the years it's that we need to lean into our strengths and hire people to fulfill on the jobs and roles that don't fall into this category. By doing this, I've watch my business grow year over year. Here's a bit more about me. 

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