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Unlike many professional service firms, we are transparent about our fees. Two Hawks was founded on the belief that highly trained advisors should charge fees for their work. Ultimately that’s a much better approach than doing “free” consulting, which is simply a disguised sale. HNW families can smell a disguised sales pitch from a mile away. With our approach, clients always feel they are being advised rather than sold to, even if they eventually purchase a financial product from us. Because of that, we charge a fee to perform analysis and to provide solutions. We quote ALL fees in advance of doing work and they are always flat fees. Fees may range from as low as a $1,000 for simple, tactical solutions to a one-time issue to ten basis points (of net worth) to provide a comprehensive and integrated plan that applies multiple, integrated strategies for managing a family’s estate. As part of our fee, we will fix, alter, amend and revise plans as necessary, normally without additional charge. We also typically participate in life insurance sales or strategy fees, all of which are disclosed and agreed upon before we are engaged. We have never lost an engagement because of our fees.

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