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Financial Planning Process(es)

It’s puzzling to me that many financial advisors lack repeatable processes when engaging with a new client. Yes, every client or potential client is different, with different needs or wants, different finances, different stories and back grounds, which only makes it more important that we walk each of them through a process that guides our understanding of who they are. How can we, how dare we, offer a solution before we understand who they are?

Instead of rushing to sell an investment, an insurance policy, an annuity, or whatever it is that’s important to “you”, start with the discovery of who is sitting across from you. Every time. No matter what. Find out everything you can about them. Ask a lot of questions. Listen carefully. Take notes if you need them to remember.

Don’t offer solutions immediately. Plan, plan, plan. Think about the best way to help your client get wherever it is they’re trying to go. Is it realistic? Can you be the one to help? Do you need help giving the help?

Present findings and discuss. And adjust. And discuss again.

Implement. Go slow. One piece at a time. Until the initial work is complete, and they’re satisfied.

Monitor. Adjust. Tweak. Undo. Re-do. Monitor.

Is this too much to ask?

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