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Charity Begins…

…At home? That’s what many say. I don’t think that’s correct, since most real charity involves helping causes outside the home. Where it doesn’t begin, though, is in the advisor’s office. And it should. At least, that’s my harsh opinion. The discussion certainly has a place with advisors and their clients. I’ve been puzzled for most of my now thirty-five plus year career as to why that remains true. Makes no sense to me that advisors don’t ask questions of their clients about their giving impulse.

Study after study codify and verify that these conversations are desirable to clients. They want to talk to their advisors about their giving. They would switch to an advisor who would. They need help. They don’t give wisely or with a plan. If goes on and on. And yet here we are and advisors are still not upping their games.

Philanthropic tools are powerful planning tools. Understanding them and using them properly is invaluable. Can you plan properly with half of your tool bag empty? Makes no sense to me.


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