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by Randy Fox, CFP®, AEP®, Two Hawks Consulting

Enough to Win

That’s how much time was left on the clock in the fourth quarter as the Chicago Bears prepared to receive the kickoff from the Denver Broncos after giving up the go-ahead touchdown and two-point conversion. There was no chance the Bears could come back and win and they were certainly destined to start the season 0-2 and all hopes for the play-offs, still months away, dashed. Yet, come back they did. With a desperation fourth down completion with time winding down, they stopped the clock with :01 and kicked a fifty-three-yard field goal as time expired. Unlikely. More than unlikely. Impossible? It should have been.

I turned the game off with :31 seconds left. Walked away to dinner with my family. Disgusted. Angry. Disappointed. Normally, I would have stayed to the end. I almost always do. Have for my entire life. This time I quit. I missed the win. I didn’t trust my team. Who was the loser? Me. When I find myself giving up, frustrated, I wonder how close am I to victory? Do I have enough to carry myself the last :31 seconds? Have I got the courage, the grit, the perseverance, the character to finish? To keep going even when it looks like I’m not going to win?

What if the Bears quit at :31?

As Financial Advisors, we have to be diligent with our customers and stay the course with their financial management and planning. Otherwise, we all could lose.

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