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Time for Time Out

Maybe I’m getting old and crabby (or crabbier) but it seems that no one respects time anymore. So, I’m calling a Time Out! Computers, rather e-mail, and cell phones have made contact anywhere, anytime, for any reason, unescapable. I’m used to long hours. Twenty years in the hospitality business teaches that. But, are their really estate planning emergencies that can’t wait? Do I really need to take a phone call at 8:00 on Saturday night about a client selling his business next year? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do. I enjoy being the person that’s needed to solve the complex problem. But, can it wait until morning?

The result of not having time to think, to reflect, to chill out can be destructive. It’s far too easy to make bad decisions or give poor advice when challenged for time. Walking into the movie theatre is not the best moment to field a call about whether the client should do a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT) or a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT). Yes, I can not answer my phone. Then the voicemail will simply be waiting until the movie is over and it will be nagging at me for the entire film. Not fair.

We all need some time out. It’s not just me. We’re mistaking convenience for urgency and abusing each other’s time.

Wait, gotta get this call…


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