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The Virus that went Viral

COVID-19. Welcome to the new normal. Grocery stores shelves are bare. Schools are closed. Restaurants are closed. The stock market is in the tank. America and the world are terrified. It sure feels like the Apocalypse is upon us. And it’s likely to get worse before it gets better.

How do we conduct business? Business as usual? But business is unusual. How do families plan for the future when what they know, what they think they knew is all in jeopardy? Can we see past this?

This initial onslaught is such a shock that it’s hard to keep our balance, our perspective.

Can’t think of any experience that really gives me proper context. 9/11 is close but felt very different. The great blizzard of ’67? It was more fun than scary.

Hold the course, I guess. Don’t go crazy. Don’t horde food or supplies. Keep talking and doing business as much as possible. Don’t travel unless it’s urgent. Above all, be kind to those around you. Everyone’s stressed and on edge.

We continue to push through during this unprecedented time. Contact Two Hawks Consulting today.


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