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by Randy Fox, CFP®, AEP®

We all participate in procrastination. Clean out the garage. Later. Fill out the tax return. Tomorrow. The human psyche apparently thrives on waiting as long as possible to complete onerous tasks. Mowing the lawn a day later probably won’t make a huge difference in anyone’s life. What doesn’t make sense, though is all the delay that takes place around estate planning. Not completing this “chore” can have disastrous effects on family regardless of the level of wealth.

The young, married couple with two small children needs an estate plan as much as the seventy-year-old centi-millionaire. Certainly, they need different planning, different documents and different structures but they both need planning. Estate planning is a continuum. It changes over time, evolving as family changes, grows and ages. 

I’m constantly shocked by the number of large wealth holders who have nothing in place. Nothing. There is no time for procrastination in this ever-changing game of estate planning.

At Two Hawks Consulting, we take the utmost care in your wealth management and advanced estate planning to ensure that your investments are working as hard as they can. Contact us today to find out more information on how we work to be proactive in our wealth strategies.


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