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Little Things

I bought myself some new kitchen knives a week or two ago. I do all the cooking in our household and the pandemic has caused me to spend a lot more time prepping and cooking. No problem, I enjoy it. Most don't know that I spent my first twelve years of employment in the restaurant business including two years in the kitchen. Back then, our knives were excellent quality and a professional knife service brought us new, sharp knives weekly. Prior to COVID 19 changing everything, my mediocre tools were acceptable since I only needed them now and then. Now, cooking, chopping, cutting, preparing food daily, the better tools make a huge difference in my enjoyment and the ease of my work.

As advisors, we need the best tools. Some of those tools come from our own internal commitment to acquire them because they are things we need to learn, things we don’t know yet. We not only need the great tools, we need to know how to use them properly. A good knife is sharper. So is a good adviser.


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