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Estate Planning, Anyone?

The Covid 19 Pandemic caught everyone flat footed. As we all scrambled to work from home (well, I have been for a long time) and have watched the world around us change in ways no one ever has expected or predicted, we can be certain of very little until the virus subsides and we return to some version of normal. One thing I can say with certainty is that helping your clients establish current estate plans (wills, trusts, powers of attorney for property and health care) will become a professional imperative.

There will never be a more critical time. This is the next, most important conversation you can facilitate. The time for procrastination and delay is already past and anything you can do to push the process through discussion, drafting, execution and implementation will be meritorious service. This needs to be a discussion with EVERYONE.

While our heads are still spinning and the country and world is reeling, it is on us professionals to take the lead. No one wants to talk about mortality, but everyone is aware that getting their estate plan completed is more important than ever. Many if not most have faced the loss of a loved one or know a friend, neighbor, or work colleague who has either died or been infected by the Coronavirus. Many don’t have their estates in order (60%) of Americans don’t have even a simple will).

While there are a number of “do it yourself” online services, nothing is better than face to face discussion about what should happen and who should do what in the event of death or illness.

Dig in and make this happen. It’s important.

Contact us today for more information.


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