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$10 Billion Update 2021

It was a little more than a year ago, in the deep throes of the pandemic isolation, listening to the Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish podcast called 10X Talk and wondering what I wanted to multiply by ten times. It wasn’t my core business. That would require infrastructure, employees, and other things I just didn’t want to tackle. The idea blossomed slowly but took root firmly over a few days. Why not ten times what I’ve already raised over my thirty plus years of planning for philanthropy? Why not, indeed.

Tentatively, I shared the idea with a few close colleagues. Those who know me well. And all were more than supportive. Enthusiastic is a better word. Impassioned, even. So, on January 1, 2021. The idea launched. Quietly. Ever so quietly. A little “who am I to be so bold?” crept in and haunted my resolve but I got myself past that. The idea grew and spread. All organically. Just word of mouth. Just me saying, “yes, that’s what I’m doing.”

Today, nearly a year later (12/29/2021), there is the beginning of a following. A few advisors have made big promises. One has promised an attempt at $1Billion in 2022. Another has promised $4 Billion for his efforts.

And 2021 was individually a stunning year. Being known as the “charity guy” accrued some benefits. Traction in the marketplace. Looking back, I will have impacted over $200 Million of new gifts and am currently working with a potential $400 Million donor. This with nothing more than the intention. A whispering campaign.

Everyone, though, has heard my promise to 10X the 10 Billion.

Thanks to everyone who has come on board. The conversations are rich and deep. The expansiveness is apparent.

Time to stop whispering. Time to shout.

Want to learn more about our $10 Billion For Charity Initiative? Contact us today!


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